Newcastle Onroad Radio Control Car Club

Come and race at Newcastle's largest outdoor RC Race Track

Newcastle GP 2015

12th to 13th September 2015

Classes: -

Stock 13.5T Touring

1st Greg Brooks, 2nd Chris Peef, 3rd Guru

Modified Touring

1st Simon Nicholson, 2nd Nathan Reese, 3rd Jeffrey Mackee 

Sportsman 21.5T Touring

1st Patrick Sazlele, 2nd Calvin Holmes, 3rd Ray Zarb

Vintage Trans Am

1st Brendon George, 2nd Ron Taranto, 3rd Rob Moxey

1/12th Scale Eurostock

1st Greg Brooks, 2nd Malcolm Sidney, 3rd Tim Phillips

Formula 1

1st Greg Brooks, 2nd Brendon Young, 3rd Scott Mcheyzer

Mini 13.0T

1st Calvin Holmes, 2nd Patric Salzele, 3rd Ray Zarb


1st Jasmin Bradshaw, 2nd Jayden Brown, 3rd Charley Connolly 

Race format will see 4 Qualifying and 3 finals for A class (All other finals will be 1 race.)

Minimum 6 entries to run a class

Cost will be $25.00 for one car and $15.00 for every other car

Held over two days with Saturday open practice with all racing on Sunday

No cross entering in the touring car classes